Increase your competiveness without the heavy expense associated with capital equipment

For customers who are not ready to invest in their own large-scale system, or who are interested in testing their market, Thar Process offers state-of-the-art toll processing services at our CGMP, USDA Organic, FDA Registered facility in Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

Take a look inside our cGMP facility.

From Plant to Product

Thar's toll processing services allow all of our customers to increase their competitiveness while minimizing costly downtime related to equipment manufacturing, installation, and training. Our process uses supercritical CO2 as a solvent on an industrial scale to obtain the cleanest natural oils. We have proven that heavy metals will be left behind in the biomass as with most mold-related compounds. Pesticides and fungicides often solubilize in high-pressure CO2; therefore, they need to be removed later in the purification process which utilizes The Isolator™ SFC technology.