About us

Thar Process is the global leader of CO2 technology and equipment based in Pittsburgh. Thar is cGMP certified and focuses on providing processing for natural product industries with employed working facilities in 3 countries. Thar’s expertise includes supercritical / SCF experience headed up by Dr. Chordia, Jeff Wright and Sashi Ramesh plus chemistry and formulations, headed up by Dr. Lupoi. Chief Revenue Officer Todd Palcic and CFO Greg Imberlina round out the team with operations managed by VP Operations Keith Douglas. With its proprietary technology, continuous R&D and toll processing services complementing its expertise in the bench to production-scale equipment, Thar offers its customers a single-point-of-access for process-scale, CO2 extraction, and purification solutions.

  • Impurity removal
  • Defatting
  • Fine oils and vegetal proteins
  • Sterilization
  • Deodorization
  • Compound isolation
  • API extraction
  • Purified medicinal extracts
  • Extract fractionation
  • Impurity remediation
  • Chiral separation
  • Sterilization
  • Essential oils
  • Natural fragrances
  • Natural pigment extraction
  • Pure botanical extracts
  • Product formulations
  • Dyeing
  • Impregnation of active substances
  • Decontamination
  • Material cleaning
  • CO2 drying
  • Solvent removal
  • Custom equipment

Clean, Safe, Pure, Effective

Supercritical CO2 allows for the extraction and separation of a high variety of natural products without the use of dangerous solvents, waste generation or further downstream steps to remove the solvent. It is effective at removing undesirable substances (pesticides, odors, etc.) as well as for pharmaceutical applications (sterilization, chiral separation, etc.). 

Your Natural Products Partner

We strive to foster partnerships for process development through production. With over 30 years of supercritical fluid extraction and purification experience, Thar continues to offer innovative and cost-effective solutions. From process development to toll processing, our impressive CO2 extraction (SCFE) facility offers a wide range of services across countless applications.


We cover all the stages you may need from the concept to the market.

From toll manufacturing to process development, our versatile supercritical CO2 extraction plant offers a wide range of applications and services

The best technology to extract & separate substances

New Technology to Obtain High Value Products and to Remove Undesirable Impurities

Our goal is to become your partner for your process development and first batch industrial production.

We work under the strictest quality control

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