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Inventory Control Specialist

Job Description

Title: Inventory Control Specialist


This position will be responsible for compiling and maintaining records concerned with ordering and storing. Additionally, the Inventory Technician will issue shipping materials, supplies and equipment to maintain inventory throughout the company.

· Maintains inventory, purchasing, shipping and other records by compiling data from purchase orders, invoices, requisitions, and accounting reports

· Keeps back-order files in established sequence and releases back-orders for issue or shipment as stock becomes available

· Determines stock supply and need for replenishment by compiling stock control records, consumption rates, characteristics of items in storage, and current market conditions

· Locates product to ensure proper product ID, conducts cycle counts regularly and assists in physical inventories

· Compares stock numbers, pallet IDs, authorized substitutes, and other listed information with catalogs, manuals, product lists, and similar references to verify accuracy of shipping orders

· Reviews files to identify unused items and recommends disposal of excess or damaged products

· Writes, types, or enters information accurately into the Material Requirements Planning (MRP) system

· Pull requested equipment including hardware and accessories

· Assign/allocate hardware/accessories to the appropriate project and or individual requesting equipment

· Perform and provide inventory counts on all items monthly to ensure replenishment are ordered and received in a timely fashion

· Sort and receive hardware and accessories expediently once the equipment is received back at the warehouse

· Keep inventory aisles neat and organized

Application Form

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