Who We Are

We are a worldwide leader in providing large-scale supercritical fluid technology solutions including process and pilot scale equipment, process development and toll processing.

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About Thar Process

Thar Process, Inc. seeks to be the global leader in supercritical fluid technology and equipment by providing solutions involving chemistry, design, and process development and optimization from concept through commercialization. With our proprietary technology, R&D and toll processing services complementing our expertise in bench to production-scale equipment, Thar Process is the only single-point-of-access provider of supercritical fluid technology solutions worldwide.Thar Process has developed processes and equipment technologies for the pharmaceutical, food, nutraceutical, chemical and electronic industries.

Thar Process Experience

Thar Process, Inc. has the experience and resources to deliver solvent-free supercritical fluid technology solutions to customers world-wide in pharmaceutical, food, nutraceutical, chemical and electronics industries. Our expertise encompasses:

Engineering Expertise
• In-house component and system design
• Process and equipment synthesis
• Process and plant evaluation
• Multi-purpose systems
• Liquid or solid handling
• Industrial chromatography systems
• GMP Plants
• 3-D design
• Simulation and modeling
• Extraction
• Fractionation
• Chromatography
• Reaction
• Coating
• Impregnation
• Drying
Process Development
• Laboratory through process scale
• Internal scale-up
• Internal processing capabilities from 12 liters to 300 liters
• Proprietary development
Thar Advantages
• Single-point-of-access
• Equipment, technology and tolling
• Components and systems
• Over 200 years of combined industry experience
• Concept-through-commercialization partnership

Our Team

Meet our team, our greatest strength, and our unique brander. Our team includes members who are extraordinary and passionate about their work. They always go the extra mile in terms of perfection and perseverance.

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Lalit Chordia, CEO and Founder

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More Great Team Members

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Todd Palcic, President

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Fun Team Members

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Great Team Members

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