Supercritical Chromatography Plants

Liquid Feed Extraction Plants

Thar Process is a leader in developing and building process-scale extraction plants for a variety of liquid feed materials. Extraction from liquid feed materials is typically carried out in a counter-current column. However not all liquid feed materials are the same. In cases where the viscosity of the feed material is very high, the extraction process requires intensive and uniform contact between the feed and the solvent. Thar Process can help customers overcome these challenges. We have experience in the design and construction of plants with specialized features such as mechanical mixers operating under high pressures and specialty nozzles that allow the feed material to be nebulized.

Customers can now recover and purify antioxidants, aromatics, lecithin, polymers and other valuable constituents from a wide variety of liquid feed materials without the high operating costs, solvent contamination and thermal degradation associated with traditional methods. We have the resources and experience to design and build our liquid feed extraction systems to meet almost any customer’s needs.


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