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Feasibility Study

Can we do that?

Process Research and Development

Thar Process offers a complete range of process and application development services in supercritical fluid extraction, chromatography, reactions, coatings, impregnation, and other specialized areas of supercritical fluid technology. Process development capabilities include

  • Feasibility study
  • Process optimization
  • Scale-up

Since our systems are designed and manufactured by us, our researchers have an intimate understanding of the equipment and the expertise and flexibility to design custom process configurations for diverse applications.

So all you have to do is ask. CAN WE DO THAT?

Feasibility Study

Thar Process conducts in-house feasibility studies that are the first step in evaluating the technical viability of a process. The feasibility study includes:

Solubility studies

  • Rapid screening method to determine if a compound to be extracted is soluble in the supercritical solvent or if the solvent will be selective to fractionate or separate a mixture of compounds.

Solubility studies

  • In-house extractions under a variety of process parameters and conditions using the customer provided material.
  • Review customer-provided analysis and characterization of extracts and raffinates to confirm technical feasibility of the process.

Optimization Studies

Once a process is determined to be technically feasible we identify the optimal system configuration and process parameters that give customers the tools they need to determine the economic viability of a process. Optimization studies include:

  • Conditioning the raw material: moisture, size and shape.
  • Kinetic data: pressure, temperature, and solvent flow rate.

Extraction Yield
Extraction time
Quality of the extract

  • Fractional conditions.

Scale-Up Studies

Once the process is optimized, our cross-platform team of researchers, engineers and manufacturing specialists can scale-up a process all the way through to commercial production. Scale-up studies include:

Process parameters optimization

  • Verification of the process parameters selected in the lab scale
  • Optimization of utility requirements
  • Optimization of recirculation parameters of the solvent and any issues related to material handling.

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