Plants & Equipment

Thar Process has expertise in the design and construction of supercritical fluid plants and components that increase efficiency and reliability while decreasing total costs.


Solid Feed Extraction Plants

Supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) plants are multipurpose plants capable of handling as wide variety of solid feed materials including spices, seeds, fruits, nuts, herbs, vegetables, algae, and other plant materials. Extracted materials include nutraceuticals, bioactive and pharmaceutical ingredients, natural products, and biochemicals.

Standard SFE plant capacities range from the small (1x12L extraction vessel) to the very large (4x1500L extraction vessels). All plants are built to meet specific customer needs and specifications including GMP requirements. Custom sizes and configurations are not a problem.

Liquid Feed Extraction Plants

Thar Process is a leader in developing and building process-scale extraction plants for a variety of liquid feed materials. Extraction from liquid feed materials is typically carried out in a counter-current column. However not all liquid feed materials are the same. In cases where the viscosity of the feed material is very high, the extraction process requires intensive and uniform contact between the feed and the solvent. Thar Process can help customers overcome these challenges. We have experience in the design and construction of plants with specialized features such as mechanical mixers operating under high pressures and specialty nozzles that allow the feed material to be nebulized.

Customers can now recover and purify antioxidants, aromatics, lecithin, polymers and other valuable constituents from a wide variety of liquid feed materials without the high operating costs, solvent contamination and thermal degradation associated with traditional methods. We have the resources and experience to design and build our liquid feed extraction systems to meet almost any customer’s needs.


Supercritical Chromatography Plants

Thar Process Inc. has designed, built and commissioned the world’s largest high pressure dynamic axial compression (DAC) chromatography column. It is part of a customized, large-scale supercritical chromatography plant that Thar Process delivered in 2007. Its unique design incorporates a solvent recovery system to concentrate the final products. It offers the flexibility to collect up to five different fractions. In addition, it includes a unique peak detection system that allows the operator to tailor the collection fractions, thus enabling the system to be used as a multipurpose plant.

Bulk Delivery CO2 Systems

The Thar Process Bulk Delivery Systems are designed to deliver a steady, high pressure CO2flow from a common, low pressure bulk CO2 supply or directly into the customer’s supercritical fluid extraction or chromatography plant. The bulk delivery systems consist of an efficient high-pressure CO2 pump, a coriolis mass flow meter for flow monitoring from the supply and a large storage vessel for high pressure carbon dioxide. The storage vessel is equipped with a level sensor that maintains the desired carbon dioxide level while eliminating pressure fluctuations.

The system integrates seamlessly with the plants main control system. The plant operator can receive detailed system operating parameters including consumption from the bulk supply as well as diagnostic and safety information. The safety features include automated shutdown, emergency stop, relief valves, and vent lines that can be safely piped away from the system.



Thar Process Inc. designs and manufactures in-house all major components of its supercritical plants. To satisfy customer demands, these components are designed and built to the highest national and international standards.


High Pressure Pumps

Thar Process high pressure pumps provide reliable delivery of CO2 over a wide range of flow rates (0.5 kg/min – 50 kg/min) and design pressures (345 bar – 960 bar). The pumps are multi-plunger type and require no lubrication. They are designed to very tight tolerances to minimize dead volume and pressure fluctuations. The materials of construction are carefully selected for their durability and low coefficients of friction.

High Pressure Vessels

Supercritical fluid processing vessels are designed and manufactured in accordance with American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Section VIII standards. Thar Process vessels have either manual or automated vessel closure mechanisms depending on the customer’s needs. Automated closure mechanisms consist of full diameter quick opening closures, and may utilize segmented rings or clamp type locking mechanisms. Additionally, the vessels are jacketed or electrically traced to guarantee precise temperature control. Customized designs with pressure ratings up to 960 bar are available to satisfy process and/or customer requirements.


Heat Exchangers

Thar Process designs and manufactures a variety of heat exchangers to best fit customer applications, including shell-and-tube heat exchangers, multiple U tube exchangers, double pipe coils, or simple coils in vessels or tanks. In most cases Thar Process heat exchangers are designed to comply with ASME Section VIII standards.

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