Particle Formation

Particle Formation

Polymorph screening. New polymorphs can be found, and previously mixed polymorphs can be purified using supercritical fluid technology. Supercritical fluids open a new dimension, pressure, in the polymorph screening process. Thar Process developed a method and built the first polymorph screening equipment based on a supercritical antisolvent process. This equipment allows the customer to screen polymorphs quickly and effectively.

Particle design. Particle design is a major development area of supercritical fluid applications in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic and specialty chemical industry. The use of supercritical fluids enables the customer to use a variety of approaches to generate particles, microspheres, microcapsules or liposomes, such as rapid expansion of supercritical solutions or antisolvent processes. Thar Process has built particle formation systems that meet stringent U.S. and EU standards as well as GMP requirements.

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