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Facilities Manager

Job Description

Title: Facilities Manager


Responsibilities include:

· Manage building, grounds and associated staff
· Coordinate all contract negotiations with facility vendors and service providers
· Plan, schedule, assign and supervise work of the Maintenance Team
· Maintains facility equipment and preventative maintenance programs.
· Oversees planning, design, reconfiguration, construction, maintenance and alteration of equipment, machinery, buildings and structures at the facility.
· Assists with workplace health and safety program to ensure all appropriate OSHA requirements, and city and state regulatory requirements are maintained.
· Work with division departments to define and resolve issues involving the facility.
· Prepare and administer annual budgets for operation and management of Maintenance Department.
· Develop cost allocations for facility operations and services.
· Initiate and support goals related to energy conservation measures.
· Monitor monthly facility expenses and apply continuous improvement methods to control costs.
· Develop efficient cost effective means of facility operation and maintenance.
· Work with EH&S to maintain current facility emergency and training programs.
· Schedule projects to comply with facility needs and priorities.
· Maintain communications with building residents, vendors, and regulatory agencies.
· Respond to employees’ inquiries

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Application Form

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