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Chemical Engineer

Job Description

Title: Chemical Engineer


This position will be responsible for implementing and maintaining the processes related to the extraction, purification, and distillation of CBD oil.

· Optimizing extraction and production processes

· Calculating and maintaining data and information related to process flows and instrumentation.

· Working on projects related to expanding or diversifying product development and output

· Contributing to the company’s overall development through practical scientific and engineering expertise

· Oversee planning and set-up of new equipment and processes as necessary

· Adhere to and create standardized processes as the company grows

· Maintain a stringent QC as it relates to data capture, data analysis and the scientific process

· Work with extraction, processing and analytic equipment

· Interface directly with third party testing companies to interpret results, validate testing procedures and analyze data

· Maintain equipment troubleshooting, upkeep and contribute to planning for future equipment as we expand

· Preserve workplace safety, know safe materials handling as appropriate for hazardous materials

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Application Form

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