Thar Process researchers and engineers have over 200 years of combined industry experience in supercritical fluid technology development.

Supercritical Fluid Extraction

Supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) offers multiple advantages compared to traditional extraction technologies such as organic solvent extraction or distillation.

  • With SFE there is no residual solvent in either the extract or in the raffinate. This translates into lower operating costs because of the reduction in post-processing steps, clean-up and safety measures.
  • Products extracted with SFE deliver the most natural aromas and flavors because the volatile compounds are not removed as they are in a residual solvent removal post-processing step.
  • SFE requires low temperatures, resulting in is less deterioration of thermally-labile components in the extracts.
  • Since there is no oxygen in the process, the potential for oxidation of the extract is significantly reduced.
  • A broad range of selectivity and dissolving power could be obtained just by manipulating the operating conditions. This allows one to target specific compounds leaving behind the undesired constituents.

Thar Process Inc. has developed a wide variety of SFE applications in many different areas to satisfy market demand.

  • Extraction and purification of antioxidants such as tocopherols and carotenoids.
  • Extraction and fractionation of bioactive ingredients from herbs.
  • Extraction of specialty oils from seeds.
  • Recovery of specialty oils from cake after press.
  • Polymer purification.
  • Extraction of active compounds from algae.
  • Extraction and fractionation of spices.
  • Extraction and fractionation of essential oils.
  • Removal of off flavors from different matrices.

Thar Process has implemented on a commercial scale truly innovative applications that have resulted in advances in supercritical fluid technology. We were the first to offer a commercial alternative to the traditional acetone extraction for the de-oiling of crude lecithin.

Thar Process is constantly working to improve equipment design, process innovation, and energy efficiency to reduce capital and operating costs so that our customers can be more competitive by choosing Thar Process as their preferred SFE technology provider.

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