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CO2 extraction and purification, turning hemp into cannabinoids.

Equipment Solutions

Thar Process has expertise in the design and construction of CO2 plants and components that increase efficiency and reliability while decreasing total costs.

Superfast SFE Series

Supercritical CO2 extraction (SFE) is an efficient and clean way of obtaining plant extracts while preserving the plants’ natural properties.


SFE is the best method to produce high quality hemp and botanical extracts.

No residual solvent in either the extract or raffinate.

Lower operating costs because of the reduction in post-processing steps, clean-up and safety measures.

Non-toxic solvents resulting with total chemical purity of the final product.

CO2 recycling, which significantly reduces costs, and waste production.

CO2 extraction (SFE) uses carbon dioxide to obtain a plant extract without the use of hazardous chemicals and solvents that could contaminate the final product. This results in high purity extracts. CO2 extraction is considered a green chemistry due its clean and safe processing features that has no negative impact on the environment.

SFE Features

  • Automated continuous batch flow

  • Only manufacturer with its own GMP site certificate

  • Proven technology with successful GMP installations through out the world

  • GMP ready software for CFR Part 11 or 12 Compliance Displayed at cGMP HQ

  • Highest CO2 extraction output in the hemp industry

Isolator SFC Series

CO2 chromatography (SFC) is a leading "green" purification technology.

Our CO2 Purification Machines are used to separate & isolate chemical compounds.

CO2 excels at separating and purifying compounds and natural products because it's faster, uses much less solvent, and overall is a less expensive and greener method than high pressure liquid chromatography.


SFC is a normal-phase chromatographic technique that uses carbon dioxide as the main mobile phase. CO2 is a ideal solvent because its low viscosity high diffusivity. It is also sustainable, as it is reused after being discarded from other industrial processes.

SFC Features

99.9% pure production of: CBG, CBC, CBN, CBD and others

Real time quality control through monitoring and adjustments of the mobile phase parameters

DAC stands for dynamic axial compression. DAC technology makes chromatography possible on large ID columns (&20cm) by maintaining high density of the column packing. It is essential technology for providing separation efficiency, repeatability, and overall performance throughout the life of the column at process scale. High column efficiency is necessary to separate and isolate compounds from the complex mixtures characteristic of natural products.

SFE & SFC Certifications

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