Press Releases

Pharmaceutical Company Begins Validation of GMP Plant Built by Thar Process
June 17, 2008

Pittsburgh, PA - A leading pharmaceutical manufacturer is currently validating a GMP manufacturing process using a supercritical fluid extraction plant designed and built by Thar Process, Inc. Once fully validated, the U.S.-based pharmaceutical manufacturer will be able implement a unique manufacturing process that capitalizes on the improved efficiency and reduced use of toxic solvents associated with supercritical fluid technology.

This plant is the second GMP supercritical fluid extraction plant that Thar Process has designed and built in the US. It will be used in a proprietary pharmaceutical manufacturing process. The unique design incorporates an innovative mechanical stirring mechanism into the extraction vessel that is leak free at high pressures and temperatures. This stirring mechanism allows for homogenous mixing with a stable, wobble-free operation.

Our parent company, Thar Technologies is now a name brand in supercritical fluids and has various awards, including 2002 Small Business Exporter of the Year, Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies, and Top 25 Environmental Companies.